Review on foreclosed real property

"Society and Banks" inquired the case and reviewed the data about properties foreclosed by the commercial banks, micro financial organizations and private entities


Restructuring is modification of the loan service terms of the bank customer (service means the coverage of the loan, including the principle sum and interest); such modification aims to simplify the loan service for the customer. The most popular form of the restructuring in Georgia is summing of all liabilities of the customer and allocation of the total loan over larger period of time

Monitoring of Advertising Activities of Commercial Banks

Non-government Organization "Society and Banks" monitored advertising activities of commercial banks for the period of the last 3 months; monitoring included as traditional as well as internet media (including TV channels, Radio, printed pre

Loans issued by commercial banks in regions

For verifying economic activities in various regions of Georgia, NGO "Society and Banks" reviewed the loans issued by the commercial banks on regional basis (consumer, mortgage, auto, business and other loans)

Loans issued by the commercial banks for the national economy and dynamics of produced goods through the new economic initiative of the government

In the last 10 years, commercial banks financed the national economy with 5 milliard Gels, approximately. For the purposes of analyzing current business condition in Georgia, non-governmental organization “Society and Banks” reviewed the local and foreign currency loans issued by the commercial banks for the national economy (on resident legal entities) in dynamics, value of the goods produced in business field according to the economical activities and new economic program of the government – “Produce in Georgia”.